Wine Farms and a Virus That Doesn’t Discriminate

Wine Farms Open During Lockdown

Government lockdown regulations cover a range of provisions for hospitality, entertainment and leisure industries.

The COVID-precaution focus of most businesses is fairly standard in that their activities are mostly singularly homogenous – either in serving food, providing exercise facilities or offering accommodation.

The typical wine farm in contrast offers a host of varied services:

  • vineyards offer walking or bicycling environments and in-a-manner act as “public parks”
  • farm shops are often open for sit-down and/or takeaway meals and as such act as “restaurants” or “takeaways”
  • farm gift shops can be seen as “non-essential retail outlets”
  • cellar-based wine sales currently fall under “essential goods supply”
  • a farm visitor centre with toilet facilities can be deemed essential for providing “public toilets”

Given that this mix of service offerings can potentially attract a complex set of local authority regulations, it is useful for both residents as well as community services to be kept abreast of a specific local attraction’s protection regulations and its current open or closed status.

NGramdata provides this – a lightweight, 24/7-active, scalable, easy-to-install power interface – an instantaneous link between website source content change and business bottom line asset.

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