NGrams to Real Time Feed

NGramdata Word Combinations

We source recently changed web text from millions of websites... text that could be keyword-stuffed and overly technical - dirtied with jargon, interspersed with spam, loaded with numbers, address details, marketing shoutouts and slogans...

To sharpen, clear and focus text fit for end-user feed, NGramdata applies proprietary NGram matrixes that filter raw text to defined community-, industry- and technical topic categories.

NGram Unique - Award Winning Software

NGrams to Feed Pipeline

NGrams are used to aggregate and clean industry-specific text covering any conceivable industry i.e. leisure, health, security...

Cleaned text is piped through to a powerful, compact and easy-to-use client interface - within minutes of web exposure...

Interface feed volume is balanced in real time to match client usage demands with supply volatility in web source streams...

NGrams to 3D Filters

Gatfol Cube Final_2

Filtered Tracking

Language technology built on NGrams efficiently transforms web text changes for powerful end-user feed.

NGramdata Tracker Demo 1

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