Tea, Cake, Condoms & World War 1

NGramdata Tea Cake Condoms WW1

Nancy Bowley from Stratford turned 105 in early 2021.

She celebrated this with a special tea party with lots of surprises – including a balloon arch, strawberry cheesecake, bubbles and gifts…

In 2021 only 1 in 85 000 UK residents shares Nancy’s age – a historically low proportion.

Interesting reasons for this are the economic burden that couples felt in the First World War – coupled with the obvious separation factor.

A more surprising reason is that condom use exploded during the War, with the US army alone losing nearly 7 million man-days because of STD’s – a heavy and avoidable cost.

Nancy’s interesting story only appears on one local care home website. If not for NGramdata Tracker’s amplification built on persistent 24/7 sourcing technology – Nancy’s special day would have been only that – special but not known.

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