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Fulham FC football players are staying at a local hotel preparing for their next match. The hotel owner overhears players heatedly debating difficulties with team tactics and strategy.

The owner approaches a betting shop with a large bet based on what he heard.

In the world of sports betting, new information can dramatically change betting lines and profit margins.

The betting shop realises that the hotel owner is sitting on information that could immediately alter the day’s betting profits. For the hotel owner this information is a unique betting asset that retains value as long as staying unrevealed.

To reset odds and minimise losses the betting shop needs to verify relevant new information in real time. It is difficult when online searches cover a large set of possible input keywords : “latest developments Fulham FC” might bring up many pages of largely irrelevant results if it is not known if relevant results could include “injuries”, “team selection”, “tactics”, “manager issues”, “pitch” or even “weather” phrases.

NGramdata’s real time word combinations powerfully help with this.

The betting shop only needs to do a quick check of NGramdata’s latest trending word combinations to narrow down news of short term issues around Fulham FC i.e. “last-minute changes to the Fulham line-up”.

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