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You have special energy related interests with team presence in Russia, Libya and Iraq.

You need to stay on top of security issues in these countries across many regions – in real time.

Using any of the large search engines to get information poses the problem:

What search words do you use?

Assuming that the region of Chechnya is relevant to you, do you search for..

“Security situation Chechnya“?

If an online report exists that covers “Security situation Grozny“, you could enter another search to cover the keyword “Grozny“…but if relevant online report titles do not include “Security situation“ but rather “Military- and other threats“, it starts to become very difficult to cover all search word permutations…

NGramdata scans the web 24/7 for NGram sets as base to provide a powerful selection of search keywords…

Let NGramdata be your search security worldwide…